Akon story gaining steam Update: audio added Update: Vent knocked offline at YouTube

Michelle was on the Laura Ingraham show earlier today to discuss rapper Akon’s assault on a 15-year-old girl during a concert in Trinidad. We’re hoping to get audio from the show to post, and it’ll be here if/when we get it.

Meanwhile, if you missed yesterday’s Vent about Akon and his various corporate sponsors, here it is. Click to play.

Here’s the YouTube version.

Michelle has a new post up about Akon, his “music” and his corporate enablers. Al Sharpton is holding a march for decency in hip hop today. He plans to banish the n-word, sexism and other vulgarities from hip hop. How about criticizing assault, Reverend?

Update: Here’s audio from the Laura Ingraham show today, including Michelle and Laura’s discussion of Verizon’s mainstreaming Akon.

Update: Yesterday’s Vent, which is the video above, dealt with Akon’s assault and exposed the corporate giants who are mainstreaming his pornographic rap. We put that episode on YouTube to make sure the story reached as many people as possible, but Akon’s corporate backers decided to claim a copyright infringement and force YouTube to yank the show. Michelle has details on that and what we plan to do about it here.

You may still watch the show above, and you may download an mpg4 version here. That’s the iPod version, but it will play on any computer that has iTunes installed.

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