TX Gov: No gun-free zones

I’m not a huge fan of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but this…this, I like.

Texans who have concealed-weapon permits should be allowed to carry their guns anywhere in the state, including churches, courthouses and bars, Gov. Rick Perry said Monday.

Currently, state law prohibits concealed weapons in certain places, including private property where signs are posted disallowing the guns.

But after meetings with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt about the rampage at Virginia Tech, Mr. Perry took issue with the idea of barring weapons from campuses.
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“It’s time for us to have that debate in Texas from the standpoint of whether or not a law-abiding citizen in the state of Texas can take their appropriately licensed and permitted weapon anywhere in this state, whether it’s on a college campus or wherever,” Mr. Perry said.

The governor said deranged individuals don’t pay any attention to signs that bar guns on certain premises and that citizens ought “to be able to protect themselves from that standpoint.”

Asked whether such a wide- open weapons policy would include bars and courthouses, Mr. Perry said: “A person ought to be able to carry their weapon with them anywhere in the state if they are licensed and they have gone through the training.

“The idea that you’re going to exempt them from a particular place is nonsense.”

With only four weeks left in the legislative session and no proposed bill that would remove restrictions on where weapons can be taken, it’s unlikely state policy on concealed weapons will change soon.

But the governor signed a bill into law Monday that prohibits law enforcement from confiscating legally held weapons during emergency situations. The bill was prompted by reports of police collecting guns from Katrina victims in New Orleans.

Distilled to its essence, Perry is advocating a culture of self-defense.