Rotund Oracle Update: proven wrong about whether fire can melt steel, RO cites John Kerry for her defense

Allah’s away on vacation so it’s left to me to update you with the latest ravings from Rosie. She is leaving The View but she won’t be forgotten. How can such a pile of pigheaded ignorance, a woman who was once incapable of calculating fractions on the air but now passes herself off as an authority on structural engineering, possibly just pass quietly into the night?

She won’t. She can’t. She doesn’t need The View to spew, not when she has a blog, a webcam and a personal cast of sycophants.

So she posted a video on the r blog today. In it, she reacts to reader mail about the tanker fire that burned up a good section of highway and, yes, melted steel. Melted. Steel.

In Rosie’s world, the concept that steel can melt defies physics. Even though steel is known to melt at about 1500 degrees F. Even though steel doesn’t just grow in fields of giant I-beams, to be harvested by diamond-tipped tractor blades. Even though the entire process of manufacturing steel involves heat.


You’ll have to go to the r blog and watch a dreadful video of Rosie and pals being, well, themselves–smug in their towering vapidity. But it’s worth it, just to hear her cite John Kerry as a Truther.

That’s based on this exchange, which Allah blogged about a while back. Allah was more charitable to Waffles than I would have been. My take was closer to Ace’s–9-11 Trutherism ought to get the same “let me look at the facts and get back to you” respect that Holocaust denial gets, which is to say, none. It sounds like Big Ro sees Kerry as a potential ally in truthiness. And I’m sure Waffles would be only too happy to have Rosie’s support, even if it means rolling around in the Truther mud with her.