Fire can...melt steel...and you can Google why...

lets start here
ok…go slow
remember to breathe
use google

Or, you know, just read the following.

This story will absolutely rock your world. It suggests that Rosie O’Donnell, noted pundit, comedienne and physicist, may be wrong about that whole fire-can’t-melt-steel thing, which in turn means that she just might be wrong about the collapse of WTC 7 on 9-11. There’s video at the link.

freeway collapse

The upper deck of Interstate Highway 580 at Interstate Highway 80, located near Emeryville, collapsed Sunday morning after an explosion and fire.

Heat from the tanker explosion on the westbound 580 melted the upper roadway of the MacArthur Maze. The fire was intense enough to cause the tanker truck to basically melt away, according to crews on the scene.

The Rotund Oracle, wrong? Who’dathunkit?

(h/t Clayton)

Update: Ah, it was a controlled demolition, only using a tanker truck instead of airplanes. I get it now. The governator must be one of them.

Bushreich is going to have to do better. We’re all on to them now.