Video: Jon Voight talks about the war on O'Reilly

Actor Jon Voight appeared on The Factor tonight and just made sense. It’s sad that that’s news, but coming from a Hollywood actor it tends to be news when one makes sense and doesn’t just traffic in leftwing talking points. You can count patriotic actors on one hand these days, and apparently you can count Voight among them. He talked about the war, about protesters on the left who deface the president, and how we’ve been invaded by “propaganda,” by which he means the noisy international anti-war movement. Click to play.

This isn’t the first time the patriot in Jon Voight has come out. On April 19 the boss posted a link to an interview Voight gave to Radar Magazine after he visited wounded troops at Walter Reed. Like the clip here, that interview was chock full of good thoughts.

Do you think it’s possible to win the Iraq War?

Here’s what I think: this is a real war, extended beyond the borders of Iraq.

As in the more general war on terror?

The war on terror is real. People would have you believe it’s not real. This is not Vietnam. This particular situation is not the same wherein we can walk away and just leave destruction behind us. No, we can’t. Anyone who has paid attention to what [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad is saying, what all the mullahs are saying in this country and in England, and in all of the Arab world, this is serious—they’re calling for the destruction of America and all democracy and that’s what’s going on. We could lose this war.

(h/t David)

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