Audio: Sen. James Inhofe says Sen. Harry Reid should be recalled Bumped to include House passage of Iraq withdrawal bill

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) appeared on the Steve Malzberg show today to discuss whether Sen. Harry Reid should resign as Senate Majority Leader for declaring that the war is lost. Inhofe also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her recent trip to Syria. Click to play.

Update: Rep. Duncan Hunter is also calling for Reid’s resignation as Senate Majority Leader.

(Hunter story h/t MM)

Update: The House has passed the Iraq withdrawal bill, 218-208. Waiting on a roll call. The bill faces a certain veto, and the game of chicken over a war in the middle of that war will commence.

Update: The President is unhappy. He’s calling for the Senate to go ahead and pass it so he can veto it.