Video: O'Reilly catches Bill Moyers telling whoppers, Michelle comments

This is good stuff: Bill O’Reilly nails, and perhaps goes as far as to pwn, leftwing documentarian and commentator Bill Moyers. Marvin Kalb and our own Michelle weigh in, Kalb for the defense and MM for the prosecution. It’s a longish segment, but worth your time. Note that the segment has been edited for brevity–on air it ran for about 12 minutes.

Takeaways: When liberals hear other liberals tell bald-faced lies, being “puzzled” is evidently the proper response. Describing someone as “far left” is a pejorative, according to Marvin Kalb. If folks like Mr. Kalb get their way, at some point, literally any word or phrase that we use to describe someone else’s ethnicity, politics or religious beliefs or any other identifying characteristic will be defined as “pejorative.” For liberals like Mr. Kalb, the way out of uncomfortable questions is to plead ignorance. Watch Kalb use that trick when O’R asks him whether George Soros is far left or not.

All in all, a good segment. O’R had the goods, the boss brought the cogent comment, and Bill Moyers’ credibility is history. Finito. Done.

Now if we could just get his hands out of the public TV trough.