A few (more) fringe actors

Refresher, in case you missed it.

Add to the list those students who pelted Karl Rove at American University (should we call it that anymore?) Tuesday night.

Add to the list those foreign students, a trio including a chum of Yale’s boola boola mullah, who snatched up a privately-owned American flag and burned it.

And add to the list a group of 3,000 obnoxious, atavistic ecoterrorist cyclists who attacked a family in San Francisco.

Susan Ferrando, her husband, their two children and three preteens had come to San Francisco from Redwood City to celebrate the birthday of Ferrando’s 11-year-old daughter. They went to Japantown, where they enjoyed shopping and taking in the blooming cherry blossoms.

Things took a turn for the worse at about 9 p.m., when the family was leaving Japantown — just as the party of about 3,000 bikers was winding down its monthly red-lights-be-damned ride through the city.

Suddenly, Ferrando said, her car was surrounded by hundreds of cyclists.

Not being from San Francisco, Ferrando thought she might have inadvertently crossed paths with a bicycle race and couldn’t figure out why the police, who she had just passed, hadn’t warned her.

Confusion, however, quickly turned to terror, she said, when the swarming cyclists began wildly circling around and then running into the sides of her Toyota van.

Filled with panic, Ferrando said, she started inching forward until coming to a stop at Post and Gough streets, where she was surrounded by bikers on all sides.

A biker in front blocked her as another biker began pounding on the windshield. Another was pounding on her window. Another pounded the other side.

“It seemed like they were using their bikes as weapons,” Ferrando said. One of the bikers then threw his bike — shattering the rear window and terrifying the young girls inside.

All the while, Ferrando was screaming, “There are children in this car! There are children in this car!”

Bad stuff. The Critical Mass gang did over 5 large in damage to the minivan (whose insurance will pay for that?). They attacked it because it was a minivan, and they don’t like minivans. They didn’t care that they were endangering children. But as bad as that is, that might not be the worst part of this story. The worst part might be the reaction of the police:

Sgt. Ed Callejas — the lead cop on the scene and a veteran of Critical Mass rides since their inception — said he’d never seen anything like it before.

“I’ve seen the bikes swarm cars, and scratch them as they go by. I’ve seen guys get out of their cars and start fighting with the bikers, but if you had seen the faces on those little girls in tears,” Callejas said. “All I could do was apologize for what they had been through.”

He’s seen all that smaller scale crap and evidently done nothing about it. So now, when he sees genuine terror on a child’s face resulting from actions similar to what he has seen and done nothing about in the past, all he can do is…apologize?

No, sir. That wasn’t all you could do. It was all you were allowed to do, which is a very different thing.

When did San Francisco remove the power of arrest from its police officers? When Critical Mass become a problem.

The city tries to ignore the unplanned rides, but there are always cops on hand to monitor the gatherings, even though any kind of traffic planning is impossible because no route is announced.

And even though the rides are held every month, Critical Mass has no organized leadership — so no one can be held accountable for the group’s actions.

In 1997, then-Mayor Willie Brown tried to control the rides. The result was anarchy and mass arrests.

Since then, the rides have shrunk in size. The city’s generally hands-off attitude leaves cops as little more than bystanders.

“We sit there and they just go right through the red lights,” Sgt. Callejas said. “What else can we do? Arrest one rider while 500 keep going?

“The only way to control this is through a massive effort by police and the Sheriff’s Department,” he said.

Well, given the group’s violent history there are probably legal steps that could be taken against them. If the city had any backbone against leftist agitators, that is. If the Klan did what Critical Mass does, you betcha that city hall would be all over them. But Critical Mass directs its unreasoned hate in a politically correct direction, so Critical Mass gets a pass.

It doesn’t help that the current mayor has his own history of flouting the law when it suits his political agenda.

Weakness in the face of aggression begs for more aggression. Critical Mass is obviously aggressive, and its unchallenged unruly behavior is evidence that anarchy has been loosed in San Francisco.

Do I need to mention that San Fran is the city that keeps electing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

(h/t Michelle)