Iran releases new pics of captive Brits

I’m sure this will occassion another round of side-splitting moral equivalence from Terry Jones.

Iran has released fresh pictures of the 15 British sailors and marines being held captive in the country.

The first picture, apparently a still taken from a video, showed six sailors sitting in blue and red tracksuits on a carpet in a room.

The caption to the picture said: “British sailors are chatting and eating fruit, drinking coffee and playing chess. It seems that the sailors are satisfied with their situation, in which they are enjoying good conditions instead of working in a hard situation in the Persian Gulf.”

Get the dig? British troops are lazy sops who’d rather munch fruit and play chess in Iranian captivity than do their jobs. There’s a word for this: humiliation. We got ours at Iranian hands in 1979. The British are getting theirs now. Until they’re stopped, perhaps we should start a pool on who these pirates will humiliate next. The French, as always, have the inside track.