John Doe backlash: Leftists attack MM

It’s as predictable as the sunrise: Michelle takes a serious and commonsense stand in a catchy way that generates some buzz, and unserious leftist children smear and attack her for it. I would chalk it up to mere jealousy — when was the last time Wonkette was relevant on any issue or story at all? — but when Michelle’s concerned there’s always more to the story. The dirty little secret of liberal racism lurks about a nanometer below the surface here. As does general liberal fecklessness on national security.

I have a simple question for the deep thinkers and cancer-cheerleaders at HuffPo and Wonkette:

Do you agree that US citizens should be protected from lawsuits if they report something that strikes them as suspicious?

Yes or no will do. That question is at the heart of the John Doe Manifesto. It’s at the heart of the flying/suing imams story. It’s also at the heart of the war itself. We’ve all seen those signs on the highways: REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. Should we take them all down and sue people who follow the instruction?

What say you, liberals? Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of the ordinary Americans who reported the odd and deliberate activities of the imams on that airplane, or are you on the side of those imams and their lawyers suing average people for speaking up? CAIR or the pilot? Choose one.

Be careful how you answer that. Answer one way, and you’re stifling the free speech of ordinary citizens who are being sued for using their eyes and their brains and speaking up. You’ll be chilling free speech. You’ll be stripping flight crews of their authority on aircraft. Answer the other way, and you’re siding with Michelle Malkin. But you’ll also be on the side of the little guy against the well-heeled lawyers, and you’ll be on the side of reason and free speech. What’s a liberal to do?

I doubt that’s even a tough call for most of you. But I’d love to be surprised.