Video: President Bush knocks 'em dead Updated with better video

Michelle and I were the guests of the Christian Broadcasting Network at the Radio and TV Correspondents Association Dinner in DC tonight. Highlights for me include meeting Bill O’Reilly and E. D. Hill (giving away where we spent the cocktail hour) and meeting US Army soldier Jacque Keeslar and his lovely wife Vanessa. And the prime rib, and just getting to enjoy the spectacle of it all.

Other highlights: The comedy act, two of the cast of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, was mostly brilliant until the improvs went on a little too long. Taking Laura Ingraham’s advice to just shut up and sing, they just did their thing and made everyone laugh. Who knew that Brian Williams is a walking sound effects library? Or that he has a sense of humor? Or that he can sing Johnny Cash? Allah’s already given you the low-down on MC Rove. That’s David Gregory in the background, dancing very poorly. That was the entertainment highlight. The new JibJab movie was a disappointment.

Here’s most of the President’s speech. The video picks up about a minute in, after he has gone through a list of children’s books he intends to write, with one titled “Who Moved My Presidency?” I shot it with my digital still cam, which is about is good as a bad cell phone camera. So while the quality of the video is garbage and our seats were toward the back, the comedy gold comes through fine anyway. The Prez had his game on.

Update: Courtesy the Pirate’s Cove, here’s a much better version of the speech.