Media Matters mauls Politico

I haven’t done any scientific surveys to determine if the George Soros creature called Media Matters for America is actually the lamest site on the internet, but intuition tells me that it is. The people who run that site use the bottomless pockets of Soros, a man who thinks America is a Nazi country today in spite of the fact that we’ve spent precious blood and treasure to put down a couple of Nazi-like regimes since 2001, to come up with the silliest, most one-side critiques of MSM journalism you can find anywhere. Then they breathlessly report these non-stories as though they’re reporting the very end of the world and creation itself. They take themselves very seriously indeed, but no one else has any reason to treat them likewise. They’re basically a left-wing outfit lavishly funded to push the MSM to the left.

Here’s an example. Media Matters is up in arms because–gasp–Drudge got a tip about a story yet to hit the streets and–gasp again–promoted it. You mean…Politico tipped Drudge? And Drudge promoted the tip? And then posted a link to the story once the editors at Politico hit the publish button? How shocking. My world may never be the same again.

Adding to the comedy, MMfA cites liberal blogger Rick Ellison, sorry, Glenn Greenwald, as its subject matter expert on Why This Matters. And apparently, MMfA sees no problem with using a leftwinger as its go-to guy to explain media imbalance.

To recap: MMfA is shocked, shocked that Matt Drudge gets good tips and flogs them. As if that hasn’t been Drudge’s standard operating procedure from day one. I wonder–do the geniuses at MMfA realize that this is pretty much how the entire internet works? On tips, leads, leaks and links? And to buttress its clueless case against both Drudge and Politico, MMfA doesn’t go to a neutral or non-partisan analyst, which with its Soros-funded Rolodex its legions could surely find if they wanted to. MMfA goes to a leftwinger known for his own hypocrisy and sock puppetry. Neither of which rates a mention in MMfA’s breathless exposee. I wonder why.

Mr. Soros needs to de-clownify Media Matters for America.

And yes, this post originated from a — hold on to your hats, folks — tip.