High Honor: Texans turn out to receive a hero

Sgt Emerson Noah Brand, of Caddo Mills, TX, (population: 1,149) lost his life in Iraq on March 15 when an IED detonated near his vehicle in Baghdad. On March 23, residents of Caddo Mills and nearby towns turned out to welcome him home. The Patriot Guard Riders provided escort. A friend of mine was there, and had this to say about the moment.

We often hear about the protestors and unruly types that soil the sacred reception of our Killed In Action across America. Well, this e-mail is here to remind you that THIS community cares and takes very seriously the service of our men and women in the armed forces.

Today, I had the high honor of saluting the return of Sergeant Emerson Noah Brand. These pictures don’t do justice to the MANY area citizens who came out to the curbside and wave a flag in solumn reverence as the motorcaide passed by.

I’m proud of our local citizens, but prouder yet of those who are called to protect, defend, and sometimes die.