A few fringe actors

This post is for Jane Fleming and Alan Colmes. It’s about a few “fringe” actors in the anti-war movement.

In Lansing, MI, fringe actors attacked and defaced Rep. Mike Rogers’ district office Tuesday. They also splashed red paint on a military recruiting office sign.

Here’s one spitting on people at the Gathering of Eagles this past weekend in Washington. It happens about 1:49 into the video.

Here are a few fringe actors marching in San Francisco. That would the be the city of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House.


(photo by Zombie)

The city of Berkeley, CA officially wants Donald Rumsfeld tried for war crimes. Which party do the fringe actors who voted to put the city council behind that idea belong to? The vote was unanimous, by the way.

Here’s another fringe actor reserving space in the Capitol for CAIR.

Here’s what a few fringe actors left behind in Milwaukee. They attacked an Army recruiting office and spread human feces around inside.

Also in Milwaukee, sons of local Democrat bigs were convicted last year of slashing the tires of Republicans on election day 2004, and got jail time for it. One of the perps is the son of US Rep. Gwen Moore, a Democrat.

Is Michael Moore a “fringe actor?” Former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe thought Fahrenheit 9-11 was “very powerful, much more powerful than I thought it would be.” Moore sat next to Jimmy Carter at the 2004 Democrat convention. Fahrenheit 9-11 smeared US military recruiters and troops fighting in Iraq. Moore calls the terrorists in Iraq “Minutemen.” The Democrats as a party embraced Michael Moore in 2004, after he compared Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his ilk to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and haven’t repudiated him to this day.

Those people who burned a US soldier in effigy in Portland are a lot of things, most of them unprintable, but fringe actors they are not. They are leaders. They have been leading the Democrats toward their current stance on the war since 9-12-01.

More: Tantor has one more fringe actor. This one stole a US flag from Gathering of Eagles protestors, tore it up, and laughed. Nice.