Gathering of Eagles

Check out that eagle. He looks annoyed. I probably looked alot like him today, watching thousands of Soros-funded astroturfed moonbats in their parade of scum and villainy across Washington.


But seeing thousands of patriots, some barely able to walk, many still scarred outside and inside from their heroic efforts to defend our country during conflicts past, took a little of the edge off. Those patriots found out about the Gathering of Eagles through emails, word of mouth, on Free Republic, on Move America Forward, here on Hot Air and, all over the place. There was no Soros Santa on our side marketing the march and bussing people in from all over the country. People drove through ice storms to get there, because they believed it was their duty to support the troops who are putting their lives on the line every single day to defend us. And they were noticed. If you were there, you were noticed. March 17, 2007 was a day that will go down as the first day that patriots decided to answer ANSWER man for man and woman for woman. Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda and the anti-America chorus didn’t monopolize the day. Veterans, bikers, and moms and dads and kids wouldn’t let them. Not anymore. It was a historic day.

Michelle has the best round-up of coverage going. Age of Hooper has just put some clips up. We’ll have a video report from the Gathering of Eagles for you on Monday morning. You don’t want to miss it. Michelle and I spent most of our time with the patriots, and a Hot Air photographer took one for the team and spent most of his time with the…others. So we’ll have photos and video from both sides.

Now, I want you to watch an ad. It was produced by Move America Forward, and it’s going national on Monday. They gave us permission to air it here first. It’s powerful.