Video: CAIR boots CBN from presser about "tolerance"

More crushing of dissent in Bush’s America. Except, of course, Bush had nothing to do with it.

You could call it an annual rite of passage for CBN News–sort of our version of March Madness. The Council on American-Relations (CAIR) holds a press conference in Washington, D.C. CBN News, in good faith, sends a reporter and camera crew to record the event and ask CAIR’s representatives the relevant questions. After all, CAIR bills itself as America’s leading Muslim civil rights organization and a shining beacon of interfaith goodwill. So who better to ask about Islamic affairs here and abroad? And yet, like a vampire to garlic, time and again, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has ushered CBN News off the premises, recoiling at the mere mention of our name.

It happened again today, as CBN atempted to cover a CAIR press conference announcing that the six “peace-loving” Muslim imams removed from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis last November have filed a lawsuit against the airline and Minnesota’s Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Head over to the link above to see video of Hooper getting sideways with the CBN crew. CAIR also booted the Washington Times’ Audrey Hudson out of the press conference for asking an inconvenient question. If President Bush behaved the way he’s accused of and how CAIR actually does, David Gregory, Helen Thomas, heck half the White House press corps, would be cooling their heels outside morning pressers rather than lobbing firebombs at Tony Snow.

Previewing coming attractions, this Thursday’s Jihad Watch with Robert Spencer takes on CAIR’s criticism of the St. Petersburg Declaration, a document that adherents to an actual religion of peace should have no problem supporting.