Montel Williams ambushes military families Update: Spousebuzz writes in

I haven’t watched an episode of Montel Williams’ talk show in at least a decade. But I’ve heard from people who have caught his show that he’s gone moonbat on the war. One can be against the war and treat military families with respect. Or not. According to spousebuzz, Montel baited military families onto his show with the promise of discussing the effect of deployments on military members and their families. But once they were actually in his studio, the show switched to an entirely different, and very controversial, topic, and presented it in a very uneven way.

Finally, we all got up and left during a break before the taping was over. And I should probably add that there was a quite acrimonious exchange with Montel that resulted in one person being escorted out by the show security (who were very polite and professional, for the record). I did say, “You told us this was going to be about deployment, Montel!” to which the reply was, “Please, just leave.” If there was any discussion of how deployment issues affect family members after we left, it happened without us. All I can say is that the direction and tone of the show definately made it look like the topic was not going to come up.

If shame still existed, Montel Williams out to be ashamed of baiting and switching, and then ambushing, military families to get emotional reactions out of them.

(h/t Mudville Gazette)

Update: Spousebuzz wrote to me this morning, addressing Williams’ treatment of military families and his feelings on the war.

We have been a military family since 1993, and I can tell you right now that I have had it up to here (hand over head) with people taking advantage of the fact that as military families we don’t have freedom of speech to put words in our mouths. I can also promise you that, if anything, I tremendously downplayed what happened. It was AWFUL.

About Montel’s feelings on the war… Prior to taping, there is a segment presented called “Ask Montel”. During this segment he did indeed expound on his anti-war feelings. He kept referring to how we have already lost (he did not say Afghanistan specifically, but intimated it) – and this with military families of deployed servicemembers in his audience. Way to make us proud of our lives!

Furthermore, Montel stated that we’ve only been able to win one war since Vietnam – Grenada. When I researched Montel further after the show, it turns out he was on a carrier involved in the Grenada invasion. Which leads me to suspect that any war Montel participates in we will win. So, if he doesn’t like it, by nature of reverse reasoning, we will lose.

If you were to see the actual footage and way the anthrax information was presented in Montel’s taping, there would be no question as to his feelings towards the government in general and his willingness to twist facts in order to bring others to his opinion. You do not support the military if you are only willing to show them as downtrodden victims who fulfill your
preconcieved political agenda. We are NOT victims, we are volunteers.

We thought we could trust Montel because he is a veteran himself. I guess not. So much for our military family.

The notion that a military veteran can’t turn into be a moonbat is laughable. Ever heard of Kos? Or John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam?

Update: Confirmed, Montel is a moonbat.