Libby and labels

Over at Plame Central, a pertinent comment from the gallery:

Can you imagine if the reverse was true? Say one of the jurors in the Clinton’s perjury trial (that of course, never happened–but certainly should have) was a writer for human Events or the Weekly Standard and a registered Republican, and after the guilty verdict, he immediately posted a 10,000 word opus on the trial on, say, or

What do you think the left’s reaction would be?

What indeed. Juror Denis Collins, an obvious and admitted DC partisan, gives a press conference immediately after convicting Scotter Libby on four of five counts and then barfs up a 7,900 word essay about the trial, available only on a screechy anti-Bush blog.

Flip the parties and put that blog post, say, here, and what sort of email would we get about that? I guarantee you that we would have to pick up Hot Air Central and relocate to the Far East to escape the wrath of our gentle friends on the left. The verdict itself would become yet another bloody shirt thrown in the faces of the entire conservative movement for years to come. Some judge or other would take up the appeal and wipe the trial away.

There is something deeply rotten about trying a man for misremembering things about a crime he did not commit, because it never occurred. There is something deeply rotten in a country that lets proven liars like the Wilsons walk scott free to continue to undermine a war in progress, while Libby winds up facing jail time. Their nepotistic junket to Niger and Wilson’s subsequent misreporting of that trip are a far greater crime against the country than anything Libby did. There is something deeply rotten in a country that lets Sandy Berger go, but puts Mr. Libby behind bars.

This was a rotten trial with a rotten verdict. Our justice system appears to be falling apart.

More: David Frum has a vivid imagination. His scenario would not, could not, happen.