Thanks, Ann; Update: Audio added; Update: Video added

Ann Coulter is speaking at CPAC as I write. As is typical, she gave a brief speech full of her usual witticisms, including a few brilliant attacks on Al Gore’s green hypocrisy. All was good. Untill the last few seconds, when she launched into a joke about John Edwards.

Here’s what she said.

“I’d say something about John Edwards, but if you say ‘faggot’ you have to go to rehab.”

I’m no fan of John Edwards, but that’s just a stupid joke. It’s over the line. The laughter it generated across the room was more than a little annoying.

Last year it was “raghead.” This year it’s calling John Edwards a “faggot.” Two years in a row, Coulter has finished up an otherwise sharp CPAC routine with an obnoxious slur that liberals will fling at conservatives for years to come.

Thanks, Ann.

So what else is going on?

A lot. We interviewed a couple of presidential candidates. We asked a hard-hitting question of some of the ladies here at CPAC. I signed my first, and likely last, autograph. And we (well, Michelle) danced a revolution.

Update (AP): Sean Hackbarth has audio of Coulter.

Update (AP): Howard Dean wants the GOP candidates to formally denounce what Coulter said.

Update (AP): Here’s the video.