YouTube censors strike again

Verum Serum has the irony-filled story of Pastor David Williams and his travails at YouTube. Pastor Williams took on a campaign by atheists on YouTube called the “blasphemy challenge.” Atheists challenged YouTubers to post videos of themselves committing blasphemy, and many have risen to the call.

Pastor Williams thought the challenge was silly nonsense, so he posted a video parodying the effort. YouTube yanked that video after just six hours, apparently on complaints that it was “Inappropriate Content.” Williams has since re-posted the video on Google, so you can see it here for yourself. There’s nothing inappropriate about it at all. It’s just good old-fashioned snark, of the type that the Rational Response Squad seems to have hoped to receive, just not from Christians. Verum Serum says that atheists led the charge in getting Williams’ video banned.

This follows closely on the heels of another YouTube censorship scandal, that one involving atheist Nick Gisburne. We profiled him in Vent a few days ago. Gisburne posted video after video slamming Christianity with no problems, but YouTube yanked his videos and killed his account when he posted a video using verses from the Koran to criticize Islam. Christians rose to Gisburne’s defense in spite of his many attacks on Christianity, rightly seeing a threat to his free speech as a threat to our own.

But in the case of Rev. Williams, it seems atheists are content to quash a Christian’s right to criticize them.

It’s just another day on YouTube, virtual land of very real censorship.

Want some more irony? The obviously racist “Jew Watch” is still alive and well on YouTube.

One more bit of irony: For now, YouTube’s parent company Google is hosting the Rev. Williams parody video that YouTube pulled down. I’d dearly love to hear from someone within YouTube defending its moves in all of this.