Who's the biggest threat to McCain?

According to an email circulating around, some of Mitt Romney’s supporters think their guy is more of a threat to McCain than Giuliani right now.

The Brody File has received a confidential email circulating within the network of Romney’s supporters, not the Romney campaign itself but rather those who support Romney. I thought I’d share it with you. I don’t put this up as fact just simply to give you an idea of what’s being talked about among his supporters.

“Rumor has it that it’s McCain’s “opposition research” team that is pushing all this stuff to a more than willing MSM. They love their guy McCain, and they hate anyone with conservative values. The good news is, with each passing week they become more marginalized as people turn more to the blogosphere for more accurate reporting. I think McCain views Mitt as the bigger threat at this point, so he’ll keep his Giuliani powder dry for another day.

There is of course another way to look at any attacks coming Romney’s way from McCain: McCain sees Romney as the low-hanging fruit and figures to knock him out before even thinking about taking on Rudy. Given everyone’s relative positions in the polls, that explanation carries a certain empirical validity. And there’s a third way: McCain dislikes conservatives but knows he’ll need them against Rudy, Romney’s the most prominent conservative in the race at this point, so McCain is aiming at him first before making a run to the center-right to capture what’s left of the conservative vote that’s skeptical of Giuliani. McCain’s absence at CPAC later this week lends that theory some plausibility too. Giuliani’s presence at CPAC is a play for the conservative activist vote, and it’s a smart one. In any regard, these theories aren’t mutually contradictory. Neither depends on a supporter’s tendency to see everything through the lens of “my guy is the target because he’s the bestest guy out there and everyone else is gunning for him.” My vote’s very much up for grabs at this point.

Check out the rest of the post at the link. The phrase “strange bedfellows” comes to mind after reading it.

More: I obviously should have sub headed this post “Besides John McCain.”