Mocking Mohammed

Hoo-boy, somebody’s going to lose their head over this.

Iranian MPs have demanded an apology from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after teachers were given government-sponsored tests deemed “insulting” to the prophet Muhammad.

What, did Mahmoud write the questions?

The exam – sat by teachers seeking promotion – provoked outrage by posing questions which appeared to degrade Islam’s holiest figure by alluding to personal habits and proclivities. Most of the 40 multiple-choice questions have been judged so mocking that Iran’s state-controlled media has refrained from publishing them.

One less offensive question, reproduced by local newspapers and websites, lists four choices when asking how Muhammad compared himself with the prophet Joseph. They are: “A) I am more beautiful than Joseph; B) Joseph is more beautiful than me; C) I am cuter than Joseph; D) Joseph is more beautiful than me but I am cuter than him.” Others refer to his hair and beard colour.

Some MPs branded the incident a deliberate plot to undermine Iran’s Islamic system and likened it to last year’s row over Danish cartoons satirising Muhammad, which provoked outrage throughout the Muslim world after they were published in several European newspapers.

If the point was to make them all look like medieval idiots, mission accomplished!