Democrats get set to reward lawbreakers

What is the value of citizenship, when a country decides to reward assaults against it?

There’s a pro-illegal move afoot in Maryland that is infuriating, but not at all surprising. The Democrats control the state, and they’re worse than the Republicans on immigration issues. Governor Martin O’Malley is apparently set to grant illegal aliens in-state tuition prices at state universities.

As states nationwide are embroiled in battles over immigrants’ rights, Maryland lawmakers are again wrestling with the contentious issue — and showing signs of easing some restrictions.

The most recent flash point: a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges. Immigrant advocates think the bill has the best chance of passing in years. In 2003, the legislature approved the measure, but Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. vetoed it; this year, Gov. Martin O’Malley has pledged support.

The people of Maryland did not put Martin O’Malley into the governor’s mansion so he could grant benefits to illegals that US citizens living in nearby Virginia or Pennsylvania or even faraway Oklahoma don’t qualify for. It’s a travesty to reward people who have serially broken the law, but that’s what Democrats and open-borders Republicans do nowadays routinely. All in the name of pandering for votes, or keeping labor costs artificially low.

Advocates view the endorsement as evidence of the new administration’s embrace of immigrants regardless of their legal status.

Which is an insult to those of us who have had to run the immigration gauntlet the legal way, but never mind that. I wonder now, what was the point of the time, expense and paperwork? It might well have cost my family some government largesse.

They say lawmakers seeking to clamp down on illegal immigration have taken notice and have pushed few get-tough provisions this session. An immigrants’ rally is scheduled for tomorrow in Annapolis.

Ok, Baltimore Sun, your bias is showing. Let me fix that sentence for you. It should read like this:

An immigrants’ illegal aliens rally is scheduled for tomorrow in Annapolis.

That’s better. It’s less blurry on the real distinctions between legal and illegal immigrants.

Eduardo Tapia, an illegal immigrant who lives in Hyattsville, said that if the legislature passes the in-state tuition bill, he could finally go to college.

“I have a dream that one day I might be sitting where you are,” Tapia, 21, told a House of Delegates committee during a recent hearing on the tuition bill. “But I’m afraid that without college, all my dreams won’t come true.”

Here’s a suggestion: Become a citizen. It’s not that hard. It’s certainly not as difficult as going to college. But I guess since many employers don’t care about citizenship and most cities won’t enforce immigration law and since the feds don’t seem to care, what’s the point of citizenship anymore?

Opponents say they will continue to fight what they term a movement to make Maryland a “sanctuary state” for those who are in the country illegally.

Great. And the boy governor is in the tank for them. And MSM outlets like the Sun will cast their position favoring serial lawbreakers as a struggle against racism and injustice or whatever, omitting entirely the crime costs of illegal immigration, the national security implications of our porous border and all the other downsides of our failure to secure the nation. Poll after poll should tell the politicians that their favoritism of illegals over US citizens is unpopular, but they don’t care. Life just goes on.

O’Malley will probably sign the bill once the Democrat-locked legislature passes it, and illegal aliens will get in-state tuition in Maryland while citizens living right over the line in other states can’t. People who have broken the law will have been rewarded at the expense of the law-abiding. The costs of all of this will be passed on to the Maryland taxpayer, college tuition in the state will keep skyrocketing, and it’ll become harder for middle class citizens who pay the taxes and don’t get the coddling breaks to send our kids to college.

And for the politicians like O’Malley, life just goes on.