Silky Pony, Israel and the minds at Wonkette

This is just funny. Remember the other day, when ambulance chaser John Edwards was quoted saying that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace or some such? Here’s a link to refresh memories or get everyone up to date.

Well, he met a buzzsaw of criticism from the sane people of the world, but the folks at Wonkette decided to defend him. Yes, defend him. In their usual reasoned, rigorous way of course. (Link fixed–Wonkette’s defense is in the 2nd paragraph of the post.)

Well, now Edwards has clarified his comments. He doesn’t think that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace. So what say you now, Wonkette? Hmmmmmmmmm?

That crackling sound you hear is the limb you jumped out on being sawed out from under you. By John Edwards.


(via NRO/C)

Update: Hey, it’s not like anyone at Wonkette has a history of insulting Israel or anything.

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