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Mahmoud ducks.

Hillary! isn’t fooling anyone.

The Goth Worker Program.

An amazing story of tech success in Iraq. One of our favorite embeds plays a central role: Snake Eater takes on terrorists in Iraq.

Eastwood: Even wars we unequivocally win, and should win, are futile. Tell that to everyone who survived the Nazi death camps and who were liberated when our troops defeated Japan, Clint. Tell that to every country we kept out of Soviet hands during the Cold War and liberated by bringing down the USSR. Wars are terrible catastrophes, but if the right people win wars, some good can come out of them. The freedom and prosperity of the past half century for the free world, for instance (and just what made the free world free, Clint?). Why is it that artists like Eastwood who spend their lives exercising our freedoms consistently fail to appreciate how those freedoms are won and kept secure?

Meet John Edwards’ new spokesman in an exclusive interview. And the one he’s had for a little over two weeks now, all gussied up and ready for the big game.

Exit question: With Hillary! flip flopping around on the war and Obama meeting the nation by playing the race card in an ugly way, how are they both like Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb?

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