Project Valour-IT

It’s Veterans Day weekend. Our Vent today highlights Doolittle’s Raiders, heroes of the last major war we won.

Though the press seldom acknowledges it and the administration and our political “leadership” doesn’t highlight it, the current war–and yes, Nancy, it’s really really a war and wishing that it’s not so you can avoid responsibility for losing it won’t make it so–is producing hero after hero. Many of them will come home to the quiet accolades of family and friends. Some of them will come home to silence or abuse from the left. Some won’t come home at all. Some will come home wounded and physically changed for life.

You can help that last group. Project Valour-IT is in the home stretch of raising money to provide voice-activated laptops for troops who have lost limbs defending us from the forces of Islamic terrorism overseas.

There are two ways you can help. You can donate directly, here. Our Air Force team is trying to raise $45,000 and we’re not there yet.

You can also bid on the following auctions:

Gulf War Chronicles

Marines in the Garden of Eden

Help out however you can.

Update: Link to Gulf War Chronicles auction fixed. And–the books will be personalized, autographed, etc.