And the beat goes on

Republican hegemony ends, but that doesn’t usher in the Pax Pelosi.

Dozens killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Scores killed in Sri Lanka refugee camp.

Hamas tossed out its truce (such as it was) with Israel.

On the big issue, the beat goes on. Contrary to that dishonest Democrat ad, it’s not all about Iraq. It’s about the jihad, stupid.

In some ways, the election actually discredited several domestic paranoid Democrat memes. Diebold and rigged elections? I don’t think we’ll hear much about that for a while. All of those preemptive delegitimizers should slink away in shame. (Oops! One of them’s going to be Speaker of the House.) Bush=Hitler? Last time I checked, once in power Hitler didn’t let the opposition party win anything, so what do you know–Bush must not be Hitler after all. Bush rules by fear? Well, corruption topped the voters’ list of complaints even while New Jersey re-elected a corrupt Democrat senator.

But on the important issue, the election didn’t change the story outside our borders, at least not yet. Fighting continues or resumes or escalates in Gaza and Iraq and elsewhere. Iran and Syria continue to re-arm Hezbollah while the UN looks the other way. Europe continues the long march to dhimmitude. The global jihad continues to spread and metastasize. Last night’s election might –might– force the Democrats to grow up and see someone other than fellow Americans as dangerous types that ought to be stopped. If that growing up happens, it will be a very good thing.

But no, I’m not counting on it.

Update: This is not encouraging.

Halliburton, the CIA and big tobacco companies are among the early targets identified by top Democratic staff to ABC News as likely targets for investigation once the Democrats take control of the House at the beginning of next year.

The staffers say Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), now expected to become speaker, has told top Democratic donors there is a “100-hour agenda” she wants to push through — taking on the minimum wage, drug and energy prices and corruption.

Nothing about the war.

Defense contractors, including Halliburton, the intelligence rationale for the war in Iraq and CIA secret prisons are what one staffer called “uninvestigated scandals.”

It looks like growing up just isn’t on the agenda.