Silver linings

The war in Iraq (and the war generally) is obviously the dominant theme of tonight’s election results, and that’s not good for the GOP and more importantly the country. Tonight’s election may well sound the retreat that Hezbollah thug in chief Hassan Nasrallah predicted a few days ago. We could well return to a post-1974 hangover if the Dems can roll what’s left of the GOP and the Bush administration in DC. Not good. It took a Ronald Reagan to turn that mess around.


Conservative values aren’t being thrown out with the GOP tonight, and that’s good news and a way back for the Republicans in a couple of years.

In TN and VA, gay marriage bans have passed easily.

In MI, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative will probably win. In fact, conservative initiatives seem to have the upper hand generally tonight.

So the party that swept to power on a conservative agenda in 1994 is getting swept out because of an unpopular war and because that party has to some extent abandoned those values that were once its core.

Republicans–come back to those values and you’ll come back to power. You have a couple of years to spar with the Pelosi wing of the Democrat party, which should be useful training.