Join Hot Air Live! tonight at 8 PM Update: Show audio added

We’re going to try a podcasting experiment tonight on the eve of the mid-terms. Tonight at 8 pm, if the intertubes are willing, I’m going to host an interactive audio podcast. It will be hosted on TalkShoe, and you will be able to participate by phone, by Skype Out, and by text chat. Or you can just listen in over the web.

Here’s how it will work. First, go to TalkShoe and download their client software. It’s only a couple of megs. You’ll also have to set up a PIN so you can join the fun. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to do that. Once you’re set up, keep an eye on this post and I’ll pop back in later to announce the call-in number and show ID.

We’ll be talking about your predictions and mine for the elections, along with other stories bubbling around the blogs. We’ll also preview Hot Air’s plans for election coverage.

Update: Ok peeps, here’s the show info. You can listen in without getting a PIN, but if you want to call in and/or text chat, you’ll have to follow the instructions above, get a PIN and download and install their client. It’s a bit klugy over there at TalkShoe but it all basically works. The call-in number for TalkShoe’s main switcher is (724) 444-7444. The Hot Air Live! show ID is 4925.

Before we dive into this thing, I want to make it clear that I’m not tech support for TalkShoe or Skype or whatever you happen to be using to call in. I’m as much a babe in the woods on the tech side of TalkShoe as you are. As the host I’ll be able to do one or two things that you can’t, but beyond that the technology is a black box to me. I plan to run this chat like a radio talk show, more or less, since letting everyone talk at the same time just produces a wall of noise. The text chat is a big free-for-all though.

This should be fun (er, if everything works). Talk to ya in about 50 minutes.

Here’s the recorded show, in case you weren’t able to tune in.