UN holds Internet summit; no Internet access available Updated with more irony

The UN really is one, gigantic 404 error isn’t it:

You’d think that of all places that should have speedy and reliable Internet access, a United Nations summit on the Internet would be high on the list.

Not quite. The organizers of the summit, held at a luxury resort hotel on the Athenian Riveria not far from the city center, couldn’t even provide a working Internet connection.

The wireless connection in the main conference hall appeared briefly before dying and leaving attendees bereft of the Net on Monday. Trying to connect to the base station yielded only a “could not connect to the network” error.

It was no better on Tuesday — by that time, the conference organizers apparently gave up and took the connection offline completely.


Update: An irony double-shot. The left’s most foul-mouthed, unhinged, psychotic blogger gives the Democrats lessons in…public relations. This, from the blogger whose black-face of Joseph Lieberman was too much for the HuffPo and got her distanced from the Freshmaker’s campaign. This, from the blogger who describes NR’s Kate O’Beirne in very non-family terms and described her as “dead meat” (which is slightly better than “exposed cat meat,” but only barely). Jane Hamsher wants to give the Democrats PR lessons? Bring it on, and expect the GOP to win for another generation or two if she does. (h/t Ali Bubba)