Project Valour-IT

I’m a little late to post this, but yesterday’s Vent edit (now playing here on Hot Air) kept me tied up all day and into the night.

As a former airman in your United States Air Force, who enlisted after graduating from college, I not only don’t share Lurch’s dismissive, elitist opinion of the men and women who have volunteered to join the military. I support them wholeheartedly. Those who joined after 9-11 have especially earned the respect of all freedom-loving patriots. So here’s a chance for us to give back.

Project Valour-IT is a Soldier’s Angels program that raises money to provide voice-activated laptops to troops who have lost limbs protecting us and taking the fight to the terrorists. These troops gave so much to defend our freedoms and rights, and deserve our support.

Since I’m a former zoomie, I’m on the Air Force team. Our team leader is John at OPFOR. Please give to Project Valour-IT. John has the donate button on this post. Each team is raising $45,000, for a total of $180k during the 2-week drive. So please head over and drop a few bucks in the till. There are causes and there are good causes. Project Valour-IT is a great cause.