Gitmo update

President Bush signed the interrogation/tribunal law today.

And the ACLU whined.

When you think about November, it’s very tempting to just give in and wish a pox on the Republicans. They’ve given convervatives about a dozen reasons to do so. And it’s possible that by attaining some power, the Democrats would be forced to grow up and accept some responsibility for leadership in the war. But deep down, you know how they would read a win. They would read it as a repudiation of Bush and “his” war on terrorism, and would move en masse against him and the war.

The Democrats would not have passed the law that the president signed today. They would have sided with the ACLU, forcing a kid gloves approach to interrogations and granting captured enemy war criminal combatants full constitutional rights.

The Republicans may not have given us many reasons to want them to win, but the Democrats’ default policies and general worldview remain a reason to hope that they lose.