Michelle gets fauxtoshopped

Yes, I’ve seen the photo the boss has up over a MM.com. I saw it for the first time a few months ago when some loving, tolerant leftwinger emailed it to us here. It took me about 2.5 seconds to determine that whoever is in that photo, it’s not Michelle. Having worked with graphics for a number of years now, I have an eye for fakery, and that is as fake as an Adnan Haj classic. She and I talked about it a day or two after the loving, tolerant lefty emailed it to us and got a laugh out of it.

Well, a certain professor turned stalker and a conglomeration of guttersnipe blogs have tried today to pass that fauxtoshop off as the real thing. You’d think someone over in Nick Denton’s cesspool might have a decent eye for photo fakery, but apparently this one was just too good to check. So they’re running with it.

And while it’s one thing to get taken in by a hoax, as they all clearly have been, it’s another thing entirely to run with that hoax and turn it into a libel that is all your very own. That magnifies the offense quite a bit, at least to me.

And that’s really all I have to say about this. It’s not every week that you get falsely accused by “friends” of trying to push the US into war with all Muslims on the one hand (and have other “friends” agree with the accuser rather than do any basic research of their own), and get smeared by Ken Layne and Nick Denton and their vile, racist little minions on the other. Quite a week we’ve had around here, the type of week I dare say no other blogger has to put up with.