Democrats attack the West's ability to wage war (again)

Quick question–which have the Democrats spent more time demonizing, Osama bin Laden or Don Rumsfeld? See: Patty Murray and pretty much all leftwing bloggers for your answer. Or just pick up a newspaper. When Democrats demand a head on a stick, 9 times out of 10 it’s Rumsfeld’s, not the actual enemy. Remember Al Gore, who tried to get the entire Bush cadre in DoD to resign en masse a couple of years ago. If he’d succeeded, he would have all but decapitated the war effort–on our side, not the enemy’s. His adminstration had 8 years to deal with bin Laden, and didn’t do an effective thing.

Which have the Democrats spent more time trying to hollow out–Hezbollah or the US military? See: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and all leftwing bloggers and most Congressional Democrats for your answer. Which side elected a president famous for loathing the military?

Recall that Sen. John Kerry opposed nearly every single weapons program of the 1980s, programs that developed the weapons our military uses in the fight against terror today. Kerry, who I assume you’ve heard served in Vietnam, was joined in this effort by most Democrats throughout the 80s. Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Democrat in case you didn’t know, ran his own foreign policy with Moscow, against President Reagan, throughout that decade.

And now, in the middle of a war, Sens Feinstein and Leahy–both Democrats–are at it again, this time chipping away at the use of cluster bombs by Israel against its enemies. I swear if they get their way the West will end up defending itself with those plastic picnic forks–if that.

The two Democratic lawmakers, members of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, identified Israel’s use of cluster bombs in Lebanon as an “example” or a “factor” in proposing the amendment. “The recent experience in Lebanon is only the latest example of the appalling human toll of injury and death,” Leahy said in a joint September 5 press release issued with Feinstein.

As usual, the Democrats don’t condemn enemy weapons of choice, whether it’s suicide belts loaded up with ball bearings or katyusha rockets packed with same and launched against exclusively civilian targets. They focus their energy on the weapons our allies choose to use to destroy an entrenched, dug-in terrorist army that operates at the behest of terror-sponsoring, freedom-hating radicals in Tehran.

Rather than just rant and condemn the Democrats, I’ll just point out that Feinstein’s and Leahy’s amendment is a clarifying moment. We have an election coming up. If you want our military and our allies to be able to defend civilization effectively, vote against the likes of Leahy and Feinstein and the party that empowers them. If you want to tie our military and that of our allies down with more silly battlefield restrictions that will end up making the enemy’s job easier (and the enemy’s job is, ultimately, killing or enslaving you and your family and destroying your freedoms), vote Democrat. It really is that simple.

Note to Kirsten Powers: The above is why Democrats have no credibility on national security at face value. They have a very long record of undermining US national security at every conceivable turn, and the same generation of Democrats that has done all of the above is still in power or still very influential. Your party’s national security legacy is an albatross around your neck.