Assassination chic, again

Are the British people really allies of the US anymore? I hate to ask that question, but just go take a look at the UK press’s second straight day of fantasizing about the assassination of President Bush. The only thing more disgusting than the story itself, which features a historian using the alt-future film scenario to paint Americans as bloodthirsty goons just itching for a fight, are some of the comments from regular readers that currently follow it. Academics, and regular Brits–united in a common hatred for Americans.

Oh, if only!
He shouldn’t be in the hot seat anyway – remember the elections?

– Maureen, Port Sainte Foy

I had to keep reminding myself that it’s a drama not reality.
But in reality, I feel the biggest threat to the security of this planet is American foreign policy.

– Jim Chestnut, Helensburgh, Scotland

Not the Holocaust-denier pushing for nukes. Not the Russians and Chinese who enable Iran and North Korea. Not the UN, that elevates Hezbollah to near nation-state status while calling Israel’s self-defense “immoral.” Not the terrorists who attacked Londonistan itself.

America is the real problem to these people–our allies.