Ginormous Mexican meth gangs invade America: mom-and-pop meth gangs hardest hit

Ah yes, tell me again how we’re not paying a price for not protecting our borders. Not at all.

Last week, federal officials announced the seizure of 174 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, calling it of the largest ever on the East Coast.

But that’s old news. On Wednesday, the feds announced a bust that doubled that.

In the latest case, law enforcement agents seized 341 pounds of the highly addictive crystal meth — or ice — in a Gainesville home. They said it is further evidence of the growing impact of Mexican drug organizations in the area. It was the sixth largest amount ever seized in this country, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Two men were arrested, and two others are wanted. All are illegal immigrants.

How do they know that? Aren’t police in dozens of jurisdictions forbidden from asking about anyone’s immigration status?

Anyway, when it comes to the ruthless economic efficiency of these meth labs, apparently it’s a lot like lettuce picking. It’s all about the cheap labor.

Nahmias would not comment on the origin of the latest seizure, which had no connection to last week’s bust, but said most methamphetamine sold in the United States now is cooked in clandestine labs in Mexico, then smuggled into the United States and distributed to other areas.

He said the Mexican drug organizations, by the sheer volume of their product and their increasingly efficient distribution rings, have pushed the “mom and pop” operations out of business. “They realize meth is a booming business,” he said. “They are taking over this business.”

There are “mom and pop” meth labs? Why are they being driven out of business by Mexican meth labs? Do the “mom and pop” labs overpay on their health benefits or what? Are they fat with administrators? Are easy divorces in our litigious society splitting too many of them? Why are the Mexican meth labs so much more competitive than our good old American mom and pop meth labs? Have we completely lost our competitive edge?

Wake up America! We’re losing our indigenous illicit drug culture, people!

On a more serious note, if meth gangs can set up efficient distribution networks right across our Mexican border that are so good they drive the American mom and pop meth labs out of business, that means others with even less savory intentions can set up other kinds of networks right across that border, too. I wonder why the Bush administration never makes that connection.

(h/t Ali Bubba)