SF man goes on driving rampage, kills one and injures 14

Michelle’s got a great round up, and she also pointed me to this exhaustive post. Both are well worth a read.

The gist is that a 29-year-old man, Omeed Aziz Popal, went on a street rampage in San Francisco within a half-mile of a large Jewish center. The rampage lasted more than an hour and left one man dead. Popal appears to be from Afghanistan, and as these things always go, he is described by friends and neighbors as “quiet.” He lives in Fremont, more than 40 miles from SF. No motive has been established, but it’s not hard to find recent parallels to today’s violence. I can think of two without really trying. Parallel one. Parallel two.

If we find out that Popal’s weapon of choice, an SUV, was a rental…and that he’d recently become “more devout”…

Late night (or rather, morning) update from Michelle
: This answers one of Bryan’s questions and adds a bit more detail on Popal. The SUV appears to have been his…

Although police did not officially identify Popal, they indicated the car involved in the assaults was registered in his name. They also said Popal was reported missing three days ago. One police source reported that Popal told police that he wanted to kill his family. Authorities quickly went to his home in Fremont and found his mother and sisters unharmed.

Police said they were confident the same suspect struck in Fremont and San Francisco. “It sure looks that way. It seems to be the same vehicle and the same method,” said Sgt. Bill Veteran of the Fremont Police Department.

Newsom said the suspect appeared to have no arrest record.

Popal’s driving record, however, shows convictions for six moving violations between 2003 and 2005.