TO fined; gets earliest start yet on destroying his third NFL franchise

I had to break out Flat Fatima for this one.

JJ, TO and FF

You can’t spell “trouble” without a T and an O. Can you? I didn’t think so.

Terrell Owens has finally pushed the Dallas Cowboys too far, drawing a $9,500 fine for missing a team meeting and a rehabilitation session and being late to an offensive meeting, The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday.

The incidents occurred Friday, the team’s final day preparing for a preseason game against San Francisco. The Cowboys beat the 49ers 17-7, making them 3-0 this preseason without Owens playing any of the games because of a hamstring injury that’s also kept him out of 19 of 31 practices since the start of training camp.

As if being a standard discipline problem wasn’t enough–and for Terrell Owens, it never is–he also took his first shot at the coach. The Big Tuna. Bill Parcells. That’s just not a good idea.

After returning to practice for several days, coach Bill Parcells ruled him out of a Monday night game and Owens hasn’t practiced since. He said he aggravated the injury because the club pushed him too hard. When Parcells said this week that he needs to see Owens on the field, T.O. responded that there’s 10 years of tape to show what he can do.

TO spent several years at the 49ers before destroying them. His Timeline Of Destruction at the Eagles was considerably shorter, but he did finish a complete season before wrecking that team (a team that deserved wrecking, if one ever did). But now he’s off to a flying start destroying the Cowboys and he hasn’t even played a game.