Bunker busting update: French edition

How did bunkers become my bailiwick? Allah gets Purrfect Angels, I get Hezzie’s Holes in the Ground. It’s good to be a deity, I guess.

In any case, even the French have now discovered Hezbollah’s fabulous bunkers in the south of Lebanon. Judith Klinghoffer points to this French video report (currently 12th from the top of the page, called “CACHE HEZBOLAH”) about said bunker. My French–two years in high school under the tutelage of Mrs. Phillips–is rustier than the top of those “ambulances” the IDF “hit” with “missiles.” But the gist is that Hezbollah had some swank holes in the ground that were very near UNIFIL positions. Sophisticated communications gear, bomb factory, the works. And the IDF is busy or was recently busy blowing them up. The bunkers, not UNIFIL posts. Though that might be deserved, given UNIFIL’s record for “peacekeeping” among Hezzie construction projects.