Part of the cash-bollah story isn’t all that hard to figure out: Hezbollah said it was getting money from Iran; Iran can turn on the petrodollar spigot any time it wants just by mouthing off; so Iran should have no trouble sending legit money to Hezbollah that it has generated from black gold.

But there’s the matter of the crisp, newness of Hezbollah’s cash. And the possible connection to North Korea’s master counterfeiters. And a few other things, besides.

Update: Aug 22? How’s this for an answer?

A Romanian oil company says Iranian forces have fired on and later boarded a Romanian oil rig moored in the Persian Gulf.

In Bucharest, a spokesman for the oil firm Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) said a worker telephoned from the Gulf this Tuesday morning and said an Iranian military helicopter had opened fire on the rig. The worker said Iranian troops boarded the platform a short while later.

The GSP spokesman said he had no information about injuries or deaths, and said there has been no further contact with the rig.

All your oil rigs are belong to us?