Idiotic, dangerous UN move of the day

Oh, those panicky Israelis, alway so worried about who’s going to guard the northern border.

Israel says it would be “difficult if not inconceivable” to accept nations which do not recognise its right to exist as part of a UN force in Lebanon.

Israeli UN envoy Dan Gillerman was speaking after Indonesia and Malaysia, which do not recognise Israel, pledged troops for the UN deployment.

Malaysia said Israel should have no say in the make-up of the force.

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking that no Islamic country that doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist should have any say in the make-up of the force deployed to protect Israel’s northern border. But what do I know?

I don’t know for a fact, but I suspect, that the sudden rush by Malaysia and Indonesia to put a lot of their troops on Israel’s border isn’t for the benefit of Israel. I also suspect that they could, at any moment, decide to move that border a little further south. I guess we’ll just have to watch the deployment and note which way troops from certain countries point their guns.

(via LGF)