War videos courtesy the IDF

We got an email late last night from someone in the Israeli Defense Forces, returning home after battling with Hezbollah. He thanked us for supporting Israel during the recent unpleasantness, but to me it’s people like him who deserve the thanks for being willing to stand up on the front lines against jihad and duke it out with the terrorists. The IDF is in a very real sense civilization’s first line of defense.

The IDF soldier sent links to several videos on YouTube and elsewhere that really do bring some of the war into perspective for those of us who live thousands of miles away from it, so I thought I’d post them here.

Here’s a video and gallery of the IDF presenting the press with captured hizbullah weapons:

If you were wondering why there was a motorcycle there, this video shows why:

It clearly shows a hizbullah terrorist firing a single salvo missle then running to a waiting motorcycle to their hideout then the video shows the same hideout being bombed by the IDF.

Here’s the video (with english subtitles) of one of the captured hizbullah who participated in the kidnapping of the 2 IDF soldiers

And video of the hizbullah drone being shot down

Even more anti-tank weapons captured:

I’d like to leave you with this video of soldiers last month on the opening of the shabbat:

And soldiers returning home