Homegrown Jihad: Behind the video

Alabama Liberation Front on that video of Hezbollah’s pre-teen American cheerleaders:

I arrived late at the protest, and there was already a big crowd around the stage. Some guy was on stage ranting about how Nasrallah is a latter-day George Washington (yes, we all remember how Washington ordered his army to randomly slaughter innocent civilians).

It was crowded, I couldn’t get a good camera angle, and I quickly tired of standing in the August sun. So I headed over toward some shade trees north of the stage. That was where I saw the little girls. They were posing with their protest signs while a woman (a relative?) took a photo with a digital camera. The woman then moved over to show a preview of the photo to the girls, and I stepped closer to try to get a clearer view of the girls’ signs. When the girls noticed my camcorder, they spontaneously began the chants you see on the video clip.

The rest–including a Beatles quote from Lennon’s pre-Plastic Ono days–is here.