Misleading headline of the day: "Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire"

It’s AP, not al-Reuters, but it just confuses everything. Read the headline again:

Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire

What impression does that leave in your mind? That the rockets hitting Lebanon came from somewhere other than Lebanon, right? Which would be Israel. So the head implies that Israel has violated the cease-fire by firing rockets into Lebanon. That’s how I read it.

But that ain’t what happened.

Highlighting the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerrillas fired at least 10 Katyusha rockets that landed in southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured. The army said that none of the rockets, which were fired over a two-hour period, had crossed the border and so it had not responded.

In spite of the misleading headline, it’s Hezbollah firing the rockets. And apparently those rockets, fired in spite of the cease-fire by Hezbollah, didn’t reach Israel. They fell into Lebanon. That’s why they “hit Lebanon.” Last week, they would have hit Israel. And the AP would probably have downplayed that.

The rockets hitting Lebanon despite being launched in Lebanon means, whatever the turbaned mafia don Nasrallah might say, his boys have apparently been pushed far enough north that their rockets can’t reach Israel anymore. Or they’re just firing the short-range junk even though Nasrallah promised to hit Tel Aviv if the IDF hit Beirut. Which the IDF did, while Nasrallah never made good on his threat to hit Tel Aviv.

Even in a post-modern war, that’s a win for Israel. But you won’t get that from the AP’s misleading headline.

(h/t 7 Deadly Sins)