Hezbollah executes 'spies'

International law didn’t save 18 Lebanese from Hezbollah:

Larnaca/Beirut – Several suspected spies were shot dead in the southern Lebanese port of Tyre, witness said on Thursday.

Passengers on board an evacuation ship told medical doctor Boris Buck from the German city of Munich that they had seen members of the Lebanese Shi’ite Hezbollah group or their sympathisers killing 18 Lebanese people during the night.

The victims were suspected of helping the Israeli air force pick out targets.

Suspected? Hm. It’s pretty easy to suspect all kinds of things in the middle of a war. There’s at least a suggestion here that Hezbollah doesn’t trust the Lebanese people and their vaunted support for the cause.

Beyond that, I’m guessing Hezbollah didn’t read these 18 their Miranda rights, or give them access to an ACLU lawyer, or contact the Red Cross, or anything else. Hezbollah gave them all exactly one thing: a bullet. Strangely, though Hezbollah is itself a war crime (non-nation state army, no uniforms, stashes men and materiel among civilians, etc), under Geneva spies can in fact be shot on the battlefield. Supposing these really were spies–a huge if given the identity of the executioners–this would be the first Hezbollah action that could even possibly be construed as within the laws of war. But given the fact that Hezbollah carried out the alleged executions, it’s probably just another war crime to numb the mind.

I’m also guessing that this will be a 5-minute story, most blogs won’t bother mentioning it and Hezbollah’s masters in Tehran will come under exactly no condemnation for this action.