OTB has the video round-up. I agree, Kimmel’s got the best bits. The photoshops put him over the top.

For the record, I just want to say a big sarcastic thanks to Mel Gibson. You showed some courage in making The Passion of the Christ, but you’ve thrown all of that away for the sake of the bottle and whatever nonsense and hatred swims around in the darker places of your mind. You’ve given Christian haters a new reason to slam us all as a bunch of anti-Semites, even while we’re among the most vocal supporters of Israel’s fight for existence. You’re probably finished in Hollywood, and you’ve managed to smear the church and the believers that supported you and your film. So thanks, big guy. Thanks a lot.

Update: I overlooked one crucial fact in composing this post. Mel Gibson has spent the past couple of years burnishing his moonbat credentials. Here he is, calling President Bush a “fear-mongerer.” Here’s an approving citation at Daily Kos for that remark. Here’s a three-year-old report that he’s teaming up with Michael Moore.

So taken all together, Gibson’s no nuttier than Reps. Cynthia McKinney or Jim Moran or several other far lefties who haven’t gone into such extended profanity in public, but have put the blame for the world’s problems and wars on the Jews. At least Gibson can blame his remarks to some extent on being drunk. Neither Moran nor McKinney have that excuse.

The road back: Play up the moonbat ideas, claim mental illness for the drunken rant, do a few indy, edgy films that have no chance of success outside an arthouse theater. Back a Democrat in ’08.