Lebanese protest babes

Well, I don’t know if the “protest” part applies.

These young ladies obviously like freedom. At least one of them supports Hezbollah. If Hezbollah wins, no more freedom.

Update: I fisk a snarky email sent in response to this video.

Those girls are not Lebanese. And they aren’t Muslim. They’re Persian. You know, Iranians? I know all Ay-rabs look the same to you, but trust me, there’s a difference.

Nice tone. I see we have a star student from the Howard Dean School of Manners among us.

Upon what justification do you insist that they’re not Muslims? Because they dance and wear tight clothes? Um-hm. That’s how honor killings get started–when a Muslim man decides a woman isn’t a Muslim based on superficial traits, and then decides to do something about it.

And on the same subject, don’t you notice their obvious Canadian accents? I don’t think Iranians in the West fit the profile of “religious fundamentalists” (seeing how they FLED religious fundamentalism.

M’kay. First, I never said they were “religious fundamentalists.” I don’t think they are. Second, a Canadian accent doesn’t mean anything. John Walker Lindh speaks with a SoCal accent. So does Adam Gadahn. They’re both jihadis. Canada just broke up a major terror cell consisting of people who could be said to have “fled” their religiously fundamental homelands. The UNC car terrorist, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, is of Iranian heritage but grew up in the US. And became a devotee of jihad on the way to trying to run down his fellow students with a Jeep Cherokee. If you think a Canadian or any other Western accent exempts one from the possibility of being a “religious fundamentalist,” you’ve been asleep for the past few years.

The only girl who seems to be Lebanese is Hannah, who looks it and uses some Arabic expressions (she calls herself and her friends “Shameet” which mean sluts in Arabic at the end of the video). But I doubt she’s even Muslim (40% of Lebanese are Christian) seeing how she’s dancing around in tight clothes to thousands of viewers on youtube.

Well that’s odd–I got Hannah’s ID right, didn’t I? Not bad for a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Persians and Ay-rabs. As for her mode of dress as a means of identifying her religion, see above. Not all Muslims think and dress alike. Even Osama bin Laden was known to play around in his younger days. He’s quite the fundie nowadays, wouldn’t you agree? Mohammad Atta famously hung out in strip bars, before he flew a plane into the World Trade Center.

Secondly, they’re obviously making FUN of the Hezbollah. Say anything you want about their ability to invoke laughter, but these girls certainly aren’t Hezbollah sympathizers.

Based on what? Granted, I don’t speak any Middle Eastern languages. But in her Canadian accented English she strikes me as a typical clueless teenager, not someone mocking anything. You’ve provided no evidence for your claim that she’s mocking Hezbollah. I’m open to that possibility (I’d prefer it be true, actually), but you haven’t even tried to lay out a case and imho the video doesn’t support you.

Don’t you guys have ANY Middle Eastern or Semitic language speaking contributors to your site? You could use someone to comb through things like these (I only have basic knowledge of Arabic and was able to recognize a group of girls giggling over calling themselves “sluts”)

Perhaps we could, though based on the importance you give to the Canadian accent I hope you’ll forgive me for not automatically taking everything you say as concrete fact. And perhaps you could spend a leetle time studying the reach of groups like Hezbollah and their efforts to recruit among young, second-generation Muslim immigrants in the US and Europe. If you do, you’ll no longer make most of the claims you make in this email.

Update: I’ve heard from one of the young ladies in the video. Two are Persian, one is Lebanese. And at least two of them do think highly of Hezbollah.