Mourning Kofi

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is vexed. Yesterday, Israeli forces destroyed a UN outpost, killing four of its personnel. Annan quickly lashed out at Israel, claiming its forces deliberately targeted the outpost, and therefore murdered the UN peacekeepers inside. That’s a strong charge.

His evidence for the claim, made before any investigation is even possible, is that Israel was warned not to hit the site, and that precision strike bombs were apparently used. But again, there has been no investigation, and it’s not completely clear that it was Israeli forces that struck the site. That seems to be the case at this point, but it’s premature to state definitively that it is so, especially when Hezbollah has so much to gain by maneuvering in such a way to make such a strike happen. And Annan apparently hasn’t taken into account the very thing he rightly accused Hezbollah of doing a day before, namely “cowardly blending in” and around civilian and other sensitive positions to endanger them and bait Israel into striking them.

American Thinker reminds us of another incident involving the top UN echelons and Israel, in which the UN unsurprisingly stymied Israel and played backstop for terrorists. And the Gaza beach strike, which Annan blamed on Israel again without any evidence beyond his own knee-jerk reaction.

I don’t have a solution or pithy comment to add to this, just a note: Annan is playing a moral equivalence game that’s all too typical of the transnational progressive set these days. In this line of thinking, national defense is suspect even when it’s mounted against non-state actors like Hezbollah, a terrorist group that is attempting to seize control of Lebanon even as it mounts what can best be described as a war of extermination against Israel, a sovereign nation recognized by the UN. The UN was founded to keep peace and promote democracy, but by elevating the Hezbollahs of the world onto the same moral plane as its own member states, the UN ends up fostering conflict and war. Under Annan’s corrupt and incompetent watch, the UN has become even more a part of the world’s problems than it already was.

As for the UN site strike, I’ll not go out on a limb and assert that in the end we’ll find out Hezbollah tactics led to the strike in some way, but I do suspect as much.

Update (Allahpundit): Blaming the strike on Hezbollah tactics? Geez, Bryan. What a cynical thing to say.

Update (Allahpundit): So very, very cynical.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET