Video: The non-neutral press goes into Beirut

Alongside Hezbollah terrorists, no less. It’s the BBC, doing what the Beeb does best.

Notes: at about 43 sec in, the reporters mentions Israel warning civilians to flee. Did Hezbollah warn Israelis to flee before raining rockets down on Haifa? Do Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda warn civilians to flee an impending attack? Killing civilians is the entire point of their attacks, so, as they say on the left, sadly, no!

Also, the reporter clearly blames Israel for destroying part of Beirut, then notes Israel’s assertion that Hezbollah centered its military planning in these civilian areas and thus had to be struck to take out legitimate military targets. The Beeb’s man fails to note how typical that is of terrorist groups–they attack civilians and then hide among them. By hiding among Lebanese civilians while attack Israeli civilians, isn’t responsibility for Beirut’s destruction on Hezbollah? Not according to the Beeb’s man in Beirut, who insists that Israel has to prove its actions were proportional to the threat.

Somewhere out there, Eason Jordan understands this report all too well.

And…the report fails to mention Syria and Iran at all, when they’re directing Hezbollah’s terrorism. Or Hezbollah’s goal–destroying Israel–versus Israel’s goal of removing an existential threat.

In other words, it’s a typical day at the Beeb.

Update: FNC’s Jennifer Griffin gets the story right.