Thoughts on the war

I’ve seen a couple of emails come across the tips line today, referring to what seems to be the hardcore left’s new talking point. Here’s how it goes.

“19 guys with boxcutters took over four planes and hit 75% of their targets? Now, that’s a conspiracy theory.”

Some of them add the Pentagon, throw in a time reference, and just know–they know–that they have just punched a hole in my brainpan.

Since so many have come into my email and the Hot Air email address over the past day or two, I assume this is yet another coordinated anti-war attack. Perhaps the geniuses behind Townhallhouse put out the bulletin, and the willing minions marched. Whoever is directing this nasty little gambit, they’re getting their new storyline from that moonbat professor Kevin Barrett, who in turn got it from the way out on the edge conspiracy theorists who have been insisting against all evidence that 9-11 was an inside job, no plane hit the Pentagon, al Qaeda either had nothing to do with it or it’s a CIA shell that acted on orders from Bush (they really need to get that talking point straightened out) etc etc ad nauseum. Many of these folks seem to find it positively energizing and life-affirming to find out that actor Charlie Sheen has had the courage to go on those Hollywood tabloid shows and radio shows and spout this particular line–the “now, that’s a conspiracy theory” bit. It’s more likely that they’re getting energized by someone who supports or at least sympathizes with al Qaeda or Islamism generally.

But here’s the thing. We’re five years into this war now, and this is the best line these chuckleheads can come up with? Yes, it seems to be the best they can come up with. They have turned the deaths of 3,000 into a soundbite, and the soundbite itself is pathetic. It’s not an argument, it’s just a reduction with a snark. You get dumber every time you write it or say it.

Here’s a little friendly word to you folks that think this line of Charlie Sheen’s is just friggin brilliant: You’re idiots. You have been led by sophists who deny the decades of jihad leading up to 9-11, and who will distract you if you ask them about it. They have no answers, only questions, and those are formulated on deliberate misunderstandings of history, of physics, of politics and everything else. You’re wasting your time sending these emails around about your new pet theory. You’re neither convincing nor even particularly intelligent, especially if you think Charlie Sheen has given you your deux ex machina against the rest of us and against the plain facts.

I’ve lost patience entirely with that segment of our population. Let’s list off the state of the world and see where things stand.

The alarmingly brilliant Bushreich that engineered 9-11 in broad daylight and fooled the world can’t shoot straight in Iraq or Afghanistan. The war for oil hasn’t brought a drop back to the US for under $69 a barrel. The man who would be Hitler can’t even keep terrorists in prison or secure our borders, much less round up all the liberals like they’ve been quivering was coming just around the corner. Remember all that noise about Bushler re-instating the draft? What happened to that, kimosabes? Meanwhile, eeevil Bush has managed to free 50 million people, championed the cause of AIDS in Africa and tried to goad the world into doing something about Darfur. Does he get any credit for that from the left? Not that I’ve seen.

The anti-war left that poses as the voice of the little guy can’t seem to raise campaign funds without billionaires like Soros and assorted leftwing foundations shovelling in the cash. The left that poses as the voice of human rights can’t be stirred to care about what went on in Iraq before the invasion, what goes on in Iran, Somalia, Sudan, North Korea, China or a score of other countries right now. Oh, I forgot, they do care about Tibet. Because Richard Gere does. But they can’t look at Somalia, remember Afghanistan prior to 2001, and look ahead to what their prescriptions would do to Iraq if we acted on them. They insist that an economy that has grown 20% in the past few years is in bad shape.

Meanwhile, North Korea empowered by Chinese and Russian duplicity invites Iranian scientists to watch its provocative missile launches, and the left blames it all on Bush. Iran plays the UN like a fiddle, getting a top IAEA inspector fired because he didn’t buy the mullahs’ line, and the left blames it all on Bush. Israel gets attacked, responds with force, and you just know the left will place the blame on Bush in 3….2….1. It’s all so reflexive, unthinking and predictable.

Meanwhile, China may have hacked US State Department computers.

Radical Islam, which has been sweeping the Islamic world since the mid-70s, is poised to threaten London and the rest of Europe. And the Labour government in the UK has been secretly trying to appease the Islamists.

The AQ Khan network fed Iran’s nuclear program, which will eventually feed Hezbollah and Hamas. I suppose they’re CIA shells too?

North Korea is perfecting its missile technology for…what? Oh, who cares, just blame Bush and go back to sleep.

Or make up some cockeyed theory that lets you cling to some measure of control. You might think “If we can just get the Democrats in and Bushreich out, it’ll get better.” Which is why we nearly went to war with North Korea in 1994, I guess. And why al Qaeda blew up a bomb in the World Trade Center in 1993, and attacked those US embassies in Africa, and why they attacked the USS Cole…all before Bush ever ushered in his hated reich.

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